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FetiClub AI Academy upgrades again: img2img mode is now live.

Our AI has learned a new skill: you can feed her images, and she will then draw similar pictures based on your command. Interestingly, she won't replicate the content of the original image exactly; she will also consider the tags you choose. For example, she might change the clothing, expression, hairstyle, or even the character. Please use your imagination to the fullest.
There are four ways to feed her images:
Direct upload, simple and straightforward.
Choose from images others have uploaded on the FetiClub website. This method has some restrictions: only free or gold album can be selected. Diamond (including original) album only allow the first three free preview images to be chosen.
Select from AI Academy's previous AI images, with no restrictions.
Choose from the images just produced on the current Academy page. For example, if you just produced a satisfactory image, you can use it as a reference without refreshing or uploading.
Some suggestions when feeding images:
Currently, 5 simulation commands (open pose, depth, etc.) are available for selection, but choose a maximum of 3.
The page will automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the output based on the image dimensions. This might affect costs, so be mindful of it.
The angle of the image shouldn't be too tricky; it's best to limit the number of characters to two or fewer and avoid overlapping limbs. After all, our AI is still young and might not understand everything.
Feeding images consumes a lot of AI's energy, especially when choosing more than two simulation commands. As a result, it costs a significant amount of gold. It's recommended to start with one command or look at the results of images fed by others and their chosen commands in the Academy.
Different reference images might work better with different commands; there isn't a one-size-fits-all set of instructions. Please refer to the simple explanations on the right side of the command options on the Academy page or consult customer service.
As always, don't upload any nudity images. You can feed these types of images (as reference images), but you can't upload the generated results.
This update is limited to the FetiClub website; it will be updated in the app later. Please be patient.
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