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AI Academy Bug Fixes

The previous attempt to fix the sketch issue resulted in negative optimization, causing an inability to display results when a higher resolution setting was selected, and mistakenly displaying images generated by others; this issue has now been resolved.
Also, we have once again (embarrassingly -_-||) addressed the issue of not displaying the generated images. We hope this time the fix is genuine (fingers crossed).
Due to the earlier allowance of activating too many motion capture options simultaneously, it caused the server's graphics card memory to overload. As a temporary solution, we have reduced the number of allowable options to three and temporarily removed the 1536-pixel size option. We will reinstate it once the server stabilizes.
A new 3D real-person option has been added to the FetiClub website, located in the rendering settings. Please test it extensively. If it operates well, we will update it to the app.
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