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Android app v5.4.0 released and website upgraded

Our technicians finally completed the new app and website album feature upgrade before Christmas. Since the previous function of selling album in the video area brought a very bad experience to you, we decided to extend the function of the picture area to allow the sale of gold or diamonds in the picture area.
Like the video area, album can be sold for diamond, gold or simply free. The uploader can get gold or diamond income. Diamond income can be applied for cash rewards between the 20th and the 31st of each month. Non-original album have an income limit, but there is no limit for the original album. Please read the text description in the picture upload area in details.
It is important that nudity and sexual description image are strictly prohibited.
The app and website have added new feature of the album zip package download function. Because it is limited by the app development tool, it is not possible to download the image directly to your SD card through app. However, follow the instructions of the album zip download interface, they will be downloadable, easy as pie.
Although the sales of album have been added, the previous albums are still free, please relax. But the download privilege of zip packages for these free album requires a little gold coins.
Finally, we will announce that we will send gold coins and premium account packages for Christmas gift, so stay tuned.
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