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Album promotion updated, Android app6.0 released

You can set promotion start time and duration, and send notifications to your followers. Both web pages and apps have updated promotional areas.
The old version of android app signature has expired, resulting in the need to uninstall the old version of the app when upgrading. In order to solve this problem, version 6.0 uses the latest app signature method to ensure that it no longer expires. Although installing this version still needs to uninstall the old version, but this will not happen again in the future.
Therefore, please note that this upgrade will delete the previously cached video files, which means that the previously downloaded video files will need to be re-downloaded after reinstalling the app.
Before uninstalling the old version of the app, please make sure to remember your account and password to log in to the new version of the app.
I am very sorry for the inconvenience.
Version 6.0 adds album promotion areas and hot updates. Upgrading app in the future no longer requires frequent installation.
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