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Major update: The new website FetiClub and the new version of FetiSale app are released

FetiClub is new version of FetiSale. Both of them use a same database so their data are synchonized.
You can login to the FetiClub (https://www.linzijun.app) with your FetiSale account. Switch language to English at the bottom of webpage.
Let’s talk about new features. What new functions have been added?
1. Original content uploader can set up studios and have their own homepage. Previously, there was only a list of published resources.
In the new studio, authors can update their own posts(tweets), setup support plans, put content into support plans, and view/reply comments from supporters.
2. What is support? The support is something equivalent to a monthly membership card. The studio can set up membership cards of different price and put different resources in the support plan as a reward to supporters.
Supporters who pay diamonds or cash on a monthly basis to unlock resources and follow-up contents during the support period. Supporters can renew membership before the expiration date.
The studio update the contents of the support plan regularly to maintain the attractiveness, studio will obtain constant and long-term income from the plans.
Support-ship can strengthen the connection and interaction between the studio and the supporters.
3. The studio can submit posts (different from uploading contents on the FetiSale. You can only submit post on FetiClub website). Post can be set for free (publicly view), generally used to update tweets.
It can be set to be visible only to supporters, supporters will be notified after post being reviewed by moderators.
4. Post can be set to associate with the contents uploaded in FetiSale (optional). The associated contents will be displayed below the post body.
Please note that the associated content is not the same as "support unlock-able", it is only a reference, which means user need to buy it separately.
5. You can add "support unlock-able" contents into the support plan as a reward for fans. In order to ensure the benefits of supporters, it takes 30 days for the contents to be removed from the plan.
6. Plans can be unlocked with diamonds or direct payment. In the case of direct payment, the studio will receive the equivalent diamond income. Supporters will unlock plan without diamonds and golds. Please note that direct payment has a minimum payment limit.
7. You can add favorite studio icons to the home page of new version of the FetiSale app. Never worry about not finding your beloved studios anymore.
8. The contents unlocked by support can be filtered directly in app. A new filtering function "Support Unlock-able" has been added to the app content lists.
The list of purchased contents will also indicate which are unlocked by support and which are directly purchased.
The support unlock content are not permanently viewable. they will be removed from your purchased list if membership expired.
9. The "Item for sale" tab in the studio home is a list of contents uploaded by the studio on FetiSale, which can be purchased separately.
10. Because there are still many follow-up developments for FetiClub, it will prompt to redirect to FetiSale from some page of FetiClub (such as single item purchase and watch).
11. The profile button in the bottom right corner of old app has been moved to the top right corner (the gear icon).
The list of studios is added to the middle of the bottom navigation.
If the new interface is not displayed after the app is updated or the layout is misplaced, or the new page cannot be opened, please exit the app (remove the app from the memory) and open it again.
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