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Major update to the APP video player, and the playback loop editing function has been launched.

I wonder if you have ever had a difficulty that you only want to loop watch certain time slot?
Sometimes seeking positions on tiny and boring timeline is really frustrating.
Now that we have the loop function, you don't worry about missing most exciting parts anymore.
A new setting button has been added to the right of the timeline on the APP video player, and four options will appear when you click it.
1. Add loop: you can set the start and end time of the loop, give the loop a name you like, save it, and just play back this loop at any time. One video can save multiple loops.
2. Loop list: play saved loops
3. Zoom in or out
4. Rotate video 90 degrees
The saved loops can be seem at the top of the APP video list and the downloaded list.
Because the iPhone is forced to use the default player during playback, the menu bar is invalid during playback. But you can see the new menu bar when you stop playing and exit the full screen. Clicking the settings button may cause the full screen to be active again, and each click requires exiting the full screen. This problem should be fixed in the future. The iPad does not have this problem.
If the setting button does not appear in the video menu bar, please exit the app and open it again.
The next update will add a list of all saved loops and edit and rename them.
If you encounter any problems while using this new feature, feedback and suggestions are welcome.
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