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APP video play page update

The video playback page of the APP has been updated with the latest version of the player and page layout.
The new version of the page will automatically detect the speed of your network connection to our video playback server, and select the fastest server and the most suitable resolution for the current speed. If the video has been downloaded to the app, the downloaded file will be played first.
The video download display has been redone, the page layout is more compact and simple, and most of the functions are integrated into the player.
We also kept the switch to change back to the old player page. In the upper right corner of the cog, click on the personal account (first line), pull down to find the "Use the old version of the playback page" and tick.
If there is a problem with the new version, you can temporarily switch back to the old page. Please report the error you encountered to the customer service or webmaster.
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