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Summary for bug fixed of new video list

Due to the update of the new version of the video list, some bugs were found and fixed. The bugs that have been fixed are listed as follows:
- Fixed the issue that the list thumbnails were not displayed after clicking to enter the video detail page from the new version list, and then returning to the list
- Fixed new version list do not load free preview player for not purchased video
- Fixed the issue that when switching back to the old version of the video list, after scrolling down to the bottom of the list to refresh the next page, the pages afterwards could not be displayed.
- Fixed the problem that the old search function in the upper right corner could not search the new version of the video list
- Fixed the issue that some previously loaded previews images would not be updated when the content list was updated
- Fixed the problem that the Apple version does not display the preview image of the new version list
If the above problems still occur when running the app, please try to exit the app (remove the app from memory) and open it again. The app will automatically load the fix code, then exit the app and enter it again.
If you find any other issues, please feel free to contact customer service or send us messages from app. We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by the bug. Thank you again for your tolerance and support.
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