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FetiClub Update: Filter combinations can be saved, and a new reminder function has been added.

In order to find favorite content easier, we have added the function of save filter combinations to FetiClub website.
After filtering/sorting or selecting a tag at the top of the video list, the selected filter combination can be saved now.
The saved filters will be added to the right of the filter/sort button at the top. Clicking the combination can directly view the results of these filters.
Saved combinations can be named or deleted.
These saved combinations will then be displayed on the homepage, click to view the results.
The number of videos in total and the number of new uploads will also be displayed under the name of combinations.
The small bell at the left of total number indicates the number of newly uploaded videos since you entered the list last time.
When in the result list of saved combination, these new videos will be prioritized to the top of the list (a small bell will be displayed at the upload time).
Please note that there is a cache time for refreshing the number of combined videos and new results, and it takes 5 minutes to refresh once before refreshing again.
We will update this function to the app next.
If you have any questions or bug feedback, please feel free to contact customer service.
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