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[Original][BDSM Angel] The Yoga Trainer and My Wife
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Training slave wife

Ep.1 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] Playing With My Wife
Price:18D Duration:00:56:19 File size :2062MB Sales:42 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.2 Full ep
  [LuR studio] Tying Up My Wife
Price:20D Duration:00:54:33 File size :2010MB Sales:18 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.3 Full ep
  [LuR STudio] Final Play With My Wife
Price:26D Duration:00:56:52 File size :2096MB Sales:69 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.4 Full ep
  [BDSM Angel] The Yoga Training Pt. 2
Price:26D Duration:01:08:09 File size :2507MB Sales:76 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.5 Full ep
  [BDSM Angel] The Yoga Trainer and My Wife
Current episode
Ep.6 Full ep
  [BDSM Angel] My Wife's Return -- Walking In The Garden With Vibrator
Price:18D Duration:01:28:03 File size :2591MB Sales:99+ From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.7 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] Having Fun In The Mall
Price:18D Duration:00:50:40 File size :1493MB Sales:85 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.8 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] The Old Video From My Wife
Price:18D Duration:01:00:57 File size :1363MB Sales:21 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.9 Preview
  【免费预告片】【鲁R绳艺】【时隔一年老婆回归】【老婆失声痛哭】 丁字裤+丝袜 绝对真实记录生孩子后的第一次激情
Price:1D Duration:00:03:35 File size :81MB Sales:77 From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.9 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] My Wife Is Back
Price:20D Duration:01:14:37 File size :1705MB Sales:99+ From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.10 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] My Wife -- Triology
Price:18D Duration:01:34:48 File size :1737MB Sales:99+ From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.11 Preview
  [LuR Studio] Me and My Wife
Price:20G Duration:00:02:05 File size :48MB Sales:99+ From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.11 Full ep
  [LuR Studio] My Wife and I -- The World of Us
Price:20D Duration:01:01:04 File size :1913MB Sales:99+ From:Chinese repo|US repo
Ep.12 Preview
  【预览】【鲁R绳艺】【自家老婆】【黑色套装】时长一小时 唯美风格 夫妻“游戏” 强制羞耻
Price:20G Duration:00:02:00 File size :149MB Sales:70 From:Chinese repo
Ep.12 Full ep
  【鲁R绳艺】【自家老婆】【黑色套装】时长一小时 唯美风格 夫妻“游戏” 强制羞耻
Price:20D Duration:01:14:50 File size :1738MB Sales:21 From:Chinese repo
Ep.13 Preview
  【预览】【鲁R绳艺】【老婆的真实反应】丝袜+丁字裤+鞭打 强制GC 观看请降低音量
Price:1D Duration:00:01:06 File size :84MB Sales:13 From:Chinese repo
Ep.13 Full ep
  【鲁R绳艺】【老婆的真实反应】丝袜+丁字裤+鞭打 强制GC 观看请降低音量
Price:18D Duration:00:40:12 File size :1740MB Sales:32 From:Chinese repo
Ep.14 Preview
  【预览】【鲁R绳艺】【白丝】和老婆一次乱七八糟的玩耍 纯属娱乐 不喜勿喷
Price:20G Duration:00:01:38 File size :122MB Sales:56 From:Chinese repo
Ep.14 Full ep
  【鲁R绳艺】【白丝】和老婆一次乱七八糟的玩耍 纯属娱乐 不喜勿喷
Price:10D Duration:00:23:48 File size :1530MB Sales:16 From:Chinese repo
Ep.15 Full ep
  【鲁R绳艺】和老婆的一次小小练习 气的老婆裙子都脱了(网盘高清版)
Price:10D Duration:00:52:23 File size :1507MB Sales:18 From:Chinese repo
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it is a great experience since my wife somehow agreed to cooperate with another model of mine for a video. She seems to be in a don't care attitude towards this video. So I decided to go easy for my wife, but let the yoga trainer experiences some bondage positions that will require some great flexibility. Turns out her experience on yoga really helped me to make those bondage positions possible, and hopefully you guys will enjoy and satisfy the end result here too.

片名:[BDSM Angel] The Yoga Trainer and My Wife


Black Pantyhose
Breast bondage
Chinese Female
White lace
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