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Related Tags:  Bare Foot      Gag      Sailor suit      Latex      Anklet            Chinese Female      Struggling    

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[clz Studio] Trying Some Saran Wrap Mummification ©Clz Studio<br><br>Summary:<br><br>Ms. Si is a really bravery girl that loves adventuring, and experiencing new things. This is her first time experiences mummification with saran wrap, and pantyhose, so I would assume it will be a great video anyway. She is really sensitive when we tickle her feet, so we figured that she will be a great model for some tickling contents in the future videos. After the filming process is ended, she said that it is a great experience her, and she will definitely stick with us in the future filming sessions.<br>



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[a7914862] First Metal Cuff Self Bondage ©a7914862<br><br>Summary:<br><br>This is my first time tries actual bdsm tool for self bondage, and the usage of this thing is actually pretty simple, but the restraint strength is really satisfying in my opinion, so that is always a plus. After cuffing my body up, I took off my glasses, and put the key to somewhere that I cannot reach easily. I was a little bit worried about unlocking this thing, but I managed to unlock it on time, so it is fine I guess... Be safe guys!



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Related Tags:  Bare Foot      Gag      Sailor suit      Latex      Anklet            Chinese Female      Struggling    
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